Quality assurance

Quailty policy

Kemtech strives to lead the market by creating and achieving customer values as a PRO-FLUID
maker for designing,developing,producing and selling the Utility units for machine tools, and
auto parts for cutting-edge new technologies.
Our basic quality goal is to effectively supply products to meet our customer's expectations and
needs at reasonable prices and in a timely manner.It is our hope to offer happiness to our customers
and grow together through mutual cooperation.Kemtech pursues changes through innvation with
positive insights for predicting market trends and driving forces,as well as through its passion and
challenging spirit.


Secure consistent quality for all our products.


Maintain a defect rate of 0% within 6 months,after the delivery of our products


Put the highest priority on responding to quality problems caused by the design or structure
of parts.


Earn robust trust on quality from the customers

To achieve the quality policy and goal,our entire team will apply the requirements of ISO 9001
standard and customers quality certification,and establish,execute,maintain and improve effective
quality management system.
Based on this,we hope to continuosly improve our product quality for our customers.
I appoint the officer in charge of quality management as the quality management agent for effective execution of the quality
management system, and delegate the relevant rights and responsibilities
The quality management officer should assist all the employess in understanding and executing the
quality policy through education/training and posting of the management policy. The officer should also carry out internal audits to prevent quality management issues or problems.
If abnormal quality occurs,the officer should check the corrective action,and report the results to me.