Research results

Year R&D Name Partner Instiution
2016 Developed, PF70-60VF (CF Type)
2016 Developed, PF30-15CF (CF Type)
2015 Developed, PF70-30CF (CF Type)
2014 Developed, PFCF-Series
2014 Cyclone Filter (CF Type) : Unnecessary filterbag replacement system Developed, PFVF-Serires : Variable flow controlled by inverter
2013 Developed, PFF-Series Inverter control
2010 Development of a High Disintegration and Energy Saving Inverter Chiller Pukyong National University
2009 Manufacture of a Magnetic Filter to Process Magnetic Materials for Auto Parts
2009 Separator of Chips Discharged from a Magnetic Filter
2008 Development of the Utility Cabinet of Machine Tools for Auto Parts Processing
2008 Development of a Chiller, Digital & LCD Controller
2008 High Pressure Cutting Oil for Automatic Lathe and Filtering System
2007 Development of an Oil Separator
2007 Development of an Automatic Filtering System Ulsan College
2007 System to Control High Pressure Oil Pressure with Multi-Phases